"Our dogs are not our livelihood, they're our passion."

Debbie Murden,
Demaire German Shepherds

MN GSD Breeder

Here at Demaire, our dogs are raised and loved as part of our family. Our goal is to produce a few litters of quality pups each year. We currently own four dogs who live in our home and enrich our lives. Located in Hibbing, MN, our dogs enjoy summers at the lake and winters in the snow with plenty of room to run. We hope to share the joy our dogs have brought us with others while showcasing the beautiful natural recessives this breed has to offer, like solid black, white, and long coats. Explore our site to learn more about us.

PUPPIES are here! Born July 5th!

Our dogs enjoy a wide range of actitivities, including conformation shows, obedience training, agility, and tracking. We work hard to socialize them and teach them good manners so they can be active in our lives and in our community. I firmly believe you will get out of your dog what you are willing to put into your dog. I dedicate much time and effort to ensure my dogs' minds are engaged, their energy is expended, and their need to work is being satisfied. It's rewarding to see the fruits of one's labor both in daily life and in competitive venues. I'm very proud of what my dogs and I have accomplished together and I encourage anyone considering a Demaire puppy to be actively involved in training and activities from the start to set each dog up for success. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Our site is under construction. New content will be added continually, so check back often!**

Thank you for your patience. Please contact us at demairegsds@gmail.com with any questions.